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Beijing Establishes the First Biological Resources Protection Base

Date:2018-06-06 View:0

Source: Beijing Daily

Beijing Association of Scenery has established the first Biological Resources Protection Base in the Shidu Scenic Area in an effort to help protect the environment, restore ecology and save endangered species.

Shidu is the only hometown for black storks (scientific name Ciconia nigra) in Beijing. Black stork is a Class I protected species in China. Currently, there are less than 2,000 black storks in the world, with about 40 of them in Shidu. Shidu has dozens of endangered aquatic species including varicorhinus macrolepis, leptobotia orientalis, leptobotia flavolineata and more. Hundreds of aquatic plants, fish, and shrimps in Shidu are also under protection.

Labeled “001”, the Biological Resources Protection Base unveiled in front of “Home of Birds” Shidu is the first of its kind. It will become an education base for biological resources protection, allowing more people to understand the urgency of biological conservation. Staff at the base will also conduct regular patrol in the scenic area, preventing actions such as animal feeding or barbecues by the river.  

Zheng Mingcun, director of Beijing Association of Scenery, introduced that over 10 biological resources protection bases will be built in scenic areas of Beijing within this year.